A Louisville Sober Living House

Mission Statement:

Driven Purpose aims to provide the education and life learning experiences to reunite with the community and most importantly, their family.

Located at 4610 West Market Street, Louisville, KY 40212 (visitors by appointment only please), we believe that the key to all halfway houses is structure. Living by principles each day, I will be able to instill the knowledge, experience and success that I have had with my sobriety. I have been through a program that taught me how to live sober. I will be able to pass on what has been taught to me, plus also teach the women about struggles we are all bound to experience in life. One major aspect that will separate Driven Purpose House from the competitors is getting certified in Recovery Dynamics. In other classes they have uncertified people who teach these classes. By being certified we will be able to properly break down all causes and conditions of Addiction. The amount of outside resources(Legal, Financial, and counseling) I have developed over the last 3 ½ years will also give amble opportunity and resources for the clients to take advantage of and further their knowledge of what triggers them and how to deal with these triggers. Our strength will be helping clients with all three phases of our program; recover, give back, life on life. Restoring our clients lives back to normalcy.